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Becca Wood

I'm an actress and singer who has a small hobby in photography ;) And not just taking it, but looking at it too! Nature is so beautiful, and I love capturing it and also studying the beautiful ways in which others capture it.

A Knot in the Board
Cone Flower in the Rain
Orange Lillies
Slug in the Rain
Water on a Leaf by the Road
Little Green Beatle Bug
A Knot in the BoardCone Flower in the RainOrange LilliesSlug in the RainWater on a Leaf by the RoadLittle Green Beatle Bug
The Light of a Blue Flower
Ferns in the Wind
Sea Foam
B&W du-Pont House
Slaughter Beach Pebbles
Slaughter Beach
The Light of a Blue FlowerFerns in the WindSea FoamB&W du-Pont HouseSlaughter Beach PebblesSlaughter Beach
Shadow Chair
Dewdrop Reflections
Checking the Mail
Butterfly in Winter
Crying Icicle
Shadow ChairDewdrop ReflectionsChecking the MailButterfly in WinterSnowflowerCrying Icicle
Old Fashioned Winter Fun
Old Fashioned Winter FunOrnamental