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Richard Nagle

"Richard Nagle of Night Owl Photography grew up in his godfathers darkroom as the "wet monkey". That's what my dad and godfather used to call me as I was in charge of timing for the wet chemicals. Photography has been in my blood since birth. 6 years ago, I started my photography business, which is focused on nature and wildlife, but I also do portraits and events from time to time. In the summer though, I'm a die hard rennie photographer. I love to capture characters and actors in full garb at the renaissance faire. Last summer, as you'll see in my images here on Ithaca Stock, I taught myself how to create some Medieval Photo Alchemy. This is not done with filters like Topaz Adjust or Nik Software's Tonal Contrast filter. Those are cheating. What I do, took me hundreds of hours to learn, and it takes about an hour even now, to complete an image conversion. I hope you enjoy the photos. They look best on 24 x 36 canvas BTW!!!"

For more information: http://www.nightowlphotography.com/

Bald Eagle Portrait
Cat Tails Blowing In The Wind
Belly Dancer
Moon: Nightmare
Froggle Rock
Moon: Full Moon
Bald Eagle PortraitCat Tails Blowing In The WindBelly DancerMoon: NightmareFroggle RockMoon: Full Moon
Portrait: Thor
Portrait: Valkyrie
Pine Cone
Ugly Fish
Portrait: ThorPortrait: ValkyrieBillsPine ConeUgly FishDebt
Squirrel with Snack
Moon: Daylight Moon
Bird: Green Heron
Perched American Goldfinch
Bird: Crow in Flight
Goose Nest With Eggs
Squirrel with SnackMoon: Daylight MoonBird: Green HeronPerched American GoldfinchBird: Crow in FlightGoose Nest With Eggs
Bird: Female Mallard Duck Hybrid
Perched Red Winged Blackbird Silhouette
Perched Great Blue Heron
Sunset: Soul Star
Flower: Tip Toe Through The Tulips
Sunset: Darkness Falls
Bird: Female Mallard Duck HybridPerched Red Winged Blackbird SilhouettePerched Great Blue HeronSunset: Soul StarFlower: Tip Toe Through The TulipsSunset: Darkness Falls
Ghost: Resurrection Mary
Bald Eagle Swooping In
Preying Mantis
Ground Beef
Bald Eagle Feeding
Moon: Waning
Ghost: Resurrection MaryBald Eagle Swooping InPreying MantisGround BeefBald Eagle FeedingMoon: Waning
Bald Eagle Flying With Fish
Bald Eagle Flying Close-Up
Bald Eagle Swooping With Fish
Bald Eagle Flying With Fish
Bald Eagle Flying With FishBald Eagle Flying Close-UpBald Eagle Swooping With FishBald Eagle Flying With Fish