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Josie LoPinto

For as long as I can remember, my Dad had an old Wera 1 film camera sitting in his office. Over the years, it gathered dust, and I always lacked the confidence to ask about it. But, I was interested in learning how to use a camera. When I finally did ask him about photography, a craft I knew both my father and his brother had practiced, he explained to me things like shutter speeds and how to manage a dark room. From then on I ate up everything that was photography. I could not stop taking pictures! My dad bought me my first digital camera when I was fourteen. A 10mp Sony Cybershot with a Zeiss lens. I had a lot of fun with that camera, but never got a chance to experiment with the film camera that sat on his desk(he sold it on E-bay). This past March, for my sixteenth birthday, I was given the greatest gift that I have ever received from my father, a Canon Rebel T1i. I absolutely love it and take it to the farm where I ride horses (my other passion) almost everyday. I plan on pursuing both photography and my love of horses when I go to college. Finally, I would like to say 'Thanks' to my extremely supportive Dad who really jump started my interest in taking pictures.