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Kevin Jenkins

Electrician by day, Kevin finds the time to take photo's whenever he can. Self-labeled as an amateur photographer, Kevin tries to catch the memories that in a decade will bring a smile to everyone's faces. His greatest joy is when a friend requests a particular image or he sees one of his photo's on a facebook profile. A Freeville native, Kevin has lived in New York for most of his life.

Pine Needle Burst
Piled Snow on Pine
Night, Pine, Snow
Night Snowy Branches
Night Snow on Pine
Night Pine bursts
Pine Needle BurstPiled Snow on PineNight, Pine, SnowNight Snowy BranchesNight Snow on PineNight Pine bursts
Needles on White
Needles and Snow
Icicles and Pines
Icicle and Tree
Hidden Beneath the Pines
Needles on WhiteNeedles and SnowIcicles and PinesIcicleIcicle and TreeHidden Beneath the Pines
Heavily Laden Branch
Framed in Branches
Footsteps Beneath the Pines
Crystal Stack
Burst of Pine
Brush and Tree in Snow
Heavily Laden BranchFramed in BranchesFootsteps Beneath the PinesCrystal StackBurst of Pine Brush and Tree in Snow
Blizzard Branches by Night
Snow on Pine at Night
Snow Laden Branches
Snow Coated Pine Needles
Snow Crystals on Pine
BranchBlizzard Branches by NightSnow on Pine at NightSnow Laden BranchesSnow Coated Pine NeedlesSnow Crystals on Pine
Snow Branches
Snow and Pine
Pine Needles and Snow Crystals
Small Snowy Branches
Snow on Pine
Snow Pile on Branch
Snow BranchesSnow and PinePine Needles and Snow CrystalsSmall Snowy BranchesSnow on PineSnow Pile on Branch
Stacked Snow Crystals on Pine
Walk Beneath the Branches
Walking Beneath the Trees
White snow on Pine
Winter Branches
Winter Night Branches
Stacked Snow Crystals on PineWalk Beneath the BranchesWalking Beneath the TreesWhite snow on PineWinter BranchesWinter Night Branches
Winter Pine Brush
Winter White
Arched Gorge Walkway
Aerial Watkin's Glen
Angel Statue
Winter Pine BrushWinter WhiteArched Gorge WalkwayAerial Watkin's GlenAngel StatueBark
Basin in the Gorge
Bridge Silhouette
Cascade Cove Gorge
Cascade Cove
Basin in the GorgeBridge SilhouetteCascade Cove GorgeCascade Cove