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Susan Verberg

I am a local self taught photographer who has sold fine art framed photography and image rights in the Ithaca area for over 10 years. Over the years my work has won numerous awars, including First Place / Grand Prize at the Fingerlakes Magazine annual photo contest. Please refer to my website for a more elaborate biography and resume.

For more information: http://www.VerbergPhoto.com

Danby Jennings Pond Refelection H
Autumn Colors Abstract H
Always Windy at the Lake
baby chick in hand H
Bell Wether cidery H
Bench Under maple Trees H
Danby Jennings Pond Refelection HAutumn Colors Abstract HAlways Windy at the Lakebaby chick in hand HBell Wether cidery HBench Under maple Trees H
Bench Under Maples H
Bird in Flight H
Black Cat On Wood Stack H
Blue Grapes H
Blue Lupines H
Blue Lupines Row H
Bench Under Maples HBird in Flight HBlack Cat On Wood Stack HBlue Grapes HBlue Lupines HBlue Lupines Row H
Bumble and Honey Bee H
buttermilk picnic tables in fall H
chickens in the shade H
chimney bluffs H
chimney bluffs lake rocks H
Color Abstract H
Bumble and Honey Bee Hbuttermilk picnic tables in fall Hchickens in the shade Hchimney bluffs Hchimney bluffs lake rocks HColor Abstract H
Comfry H
CU Bartlet Hall H
CU Mcgraw Tower H
Curious Cows H
Cut Up Home Grown Tomatoes H
Daisy H
Comfry HCU Bartlet Hall HCU Mcgraw Tower HCurious Cows HCut Up Home Grown Tomatoes HDaisy H
Damsel Fly H
Danby Church With Moon H
Danby Jennings Pond Canadian Geese H
Danby Jennings Pond Canadian Geese in Fog H
Danby Jennings Pond Geese H
Danby Jennings Pond Grasshopper H
Damsel Fly HDanby Church With Moon HDanby Jennings Pond Canadian Geese HDanby Jennings Pond Canadian Geese in Fog HDanby Jennings Pond Geese HDanby Jennings Pond Grasshopper H
Danby Jennings Pond
Danby Jennings Pond in Autumn H
Danby Jennings Pond Milkweed Fibers H
Danby Jennings Pond Milkweed H
Danby Jennings Pond Milkweed Seeds H
Danby Jennings Pond Orange Aphids H
Danby Jennings PondDanby Jennings Pond in Autumn HDanby Jennings Pond Milkweed Fibers HDanby Jennings Pond Milkweed HDanby Jennings Pond Milkweed Seeds HDanby Jennings Pond Orange Aphids H
Danby Jennings Pond Redberries H
Danby Jennings Pond Shore H
Danby Jennings Pond Stump H
Danby Jennings Pond View H
Danby Moon Over Jennings Pond H
Danby Jennings Pond Redberries HDanby Jennings Pond Shore HDanby Jennings Pond Stump HDanby Jennings Pond View HDanby Moon Over Jennings Pond HEchinacea
Eggs in a Carton
Fall Color Abstract
Fall Colors Abstract
Farm in Winter
Ludgate Farms In Winter
Flower Garden
Eggs in a CartonFall Color AbstractFall Colors AbstractFarm in WinterLudgate Farms In WinterFlower Garden
Flowering Raspberry
Flowering Tree
Foggy Morning
Fountain at IC
Fox Run Cellars H
Fox Run Vineyards Grapes
Flowering RaspberryFlowering TreeFoggy MorningFountain at ICFox Run Cellars HFox Run Vineyards Grapes
Fox Run Vineyard
Free Range Chicken Coop
Free Ranging Chickens & Coop
Fresh coffee Beans
Fresh Packed Gimme Coffee
Frozen Dew on Fall Leaves
Fox Run VineyardFree Range Chicken CoopFree Ranging Chickens & CoopFresh coffee BeansFresh Packed Gimme CoffeeFrozen Dew on Fall Leaves
Frozen Rain on Lilac
Gardening Blue Lupines
Gardening Bee on Lupine
Gimme Coffee Bags of Beans
Gimme Coffee Bean Bags
Gimme Coffee beans in mixer H
Frozen Rain on LilacGardening Blue LupinesGardening Bee on LupineGimme Coffee Bags of BeansGimme Coffee Bean BagsGimme Coffee beans in mixer H
Gimme Coffee Freshly Packed
Gimme Coffee Pouring Beans
Gimme Coffee Roasted Beans
Gimme Coffee Roasting Facility
Gimme Coffee Roasting test
Gimme Coffee Scooping
Gimme Coffee Freshly PackedGimme Coffee Pouring BeansGimme Coffee Roasted BeansGimme Coffee Roasting Facility Gimme Coffee Roasting testGimme Coffee Scooping
Gimme Coffee Testing H
Grass Reflection at Taughannock creek
Gravel Texture
Gray Slate
Harvested Corn
IC by Night
Gimme Coffee Testing HGrass Reflection at Taughannock creekGravel TextureGray SlateHarvested CornIC by Night
Harvested Cornfield
Hen With Chicks
Home Canning
Honey bee on Borage Blossom
Honey Bee on Borage
Honey suckle Berries
Harvested CornfieldHen With ChicksHome CanningHoney bee on Borage BlossomHoney Bee on BorageHoney suckle Berries
IC Fountains
IC Lakeview
IC Water Fountains
Ice on Tree Branches
Ice Storm Bird House
Ice Storm Treetop
IC Fountains IC LakeviewIC Water FountainsIce on Tree BranchesIce Storm Bird HouseIce Storm Treetop
Icy Tree Branches
IFM Blueberries
IFM String Beans
Ithaca College Sign
Ithaca Falls Painter
Ithaca Falls Reflection
Icy Tree BranchesIFM BlueberriesIFM String BeansIthaca College SignIthaca Falls PainterIthaca Falls Reflection
Ithaca Falls Swimmers
Ithaca Farmers Market Bell peppers
Ithaca Farmers Market Display
Ithaca Farmers Market Hot Peppers
Ithaca Farmers Market Winter Squash Display H
Ithaca Farmers market Winter Squash
Ithaca Falls SwimmersIthaca Farmers Market Bell peppersIthaca Farmers Market DisplayIthaca Farmers Market Hot PeppersIthaca Farmers Market Winter Squash Display HIthaca Farmers market Winter Squash
Ithaca Window Box Flowers
Jack in the Pulpit
Jennings Pond Stump Sunset
Jennings Pond Sunset
Jennings Pond Sunset View
Lake view with Sailboats
Ithaca Window Box FlowersJack in the PulpitJennings Pond Stump SunsetJennings Pond SunsetJennings Pond Sunset ViewLake view with Sailboats
Lansing Smiling Sunflower
Lansing Sunflower Field
Lansing Sunflower Portrait
Lansing Sunflower smile
Leaf Infestation
Looking at the Boats
Lansing Smiling SunflowerLansing Sunflower FieldLansing Sunflower PortraitLansing Sunflower smileLeaf InfestationLooking at the Boats
Maple Leaf Nerves
Maple on Deck
Maple Tree with split rail fence
Monarch Caterpillar
Old Pharmacy Sign
Maple Leaf NervesMaple on DeckMaple Tree with split rail fenceMonarch CaterpillarMothOld Pharmacy Sign
Over Jenning's Pond
Pavilion with Lillies
Photographing Fall
Pine Tree
Pumpkin Flower
Over Jenning's PondPavilionPavilion with LilliesPhotographing FallPine TreePumpkin Flower
Rain Drops on Edge of Grass
Rainbow over the Forest
Raw Coffee
Red Barn in Snow
Red Poppy Blossom
Red Poppy
Rain Drops on Edge of GrassRainbow over the ForestRaw CoffeeRed Barn in SnowRed Poppy BlossomRed Poppy
Roadside Chicory
Roadside Daylillies
Roasted Coffee Beans
Scottish Games Bag Pipe Bands
Scottish Games Bag Pipes
Scottish Games Drum
Roadside ChicoryRoadside DaylilliesRoasted Coffee BeansScottish Games Bag Pipe BandsScottish Games Bag PipesScottish Games Drum
Scottish Games Large Spinning Wheel
Scottish Games Pipe Bands
Scottish Games Pipes and Kilts
Scottish Games Pipes in the Sun
Scottish Games Rock Shot
Scottish Games Spinning wool
Scottish Games Large Spinning WheelScottish Games Pipe BandsScottish Games Pipes and KiltsScottish Games Pipes in the SunScottish Games Rock ShotScottish Games Spinning wool
Scottish Games Throw the Rock
Scottish Games Throwing Rocks
Scottish Games Weight over Bar
Seneca Lake
Silver laced Chicken
Six Mile Creek Vineyard
Scottish Games Throw the RockScottish Games Throwing RocksScottish Games Weight over BarSeneca LakeSilver laced ChickenSix Mile Creek Vineyard
Skyland Farm & Car
Skyland Farm
Skyland Farm View
Slate Gravel Texture
Slate Lines
Skyland Farm & CarSkyland FarmSkyland Farm ViewSlate Gravel TextureSlateSlate Lines
Slate Slant
Small to Big
Soybean field in Fall
Staghorn Sumac
Stewart Park Crown
Stewart Park Reflections
Slate SlantSmall to BigSoybean field in FallStaghorn SumacStewart Park CrownStewart Park Reflections
Sumac and Corn
Sumac Leaf Pattern
Sumac Leaves
Sunset Over Jenning's Pond
Taughannock Autumn View
Sumac and CornSumac Leaf PatternSumac LeavesSunflowerSunset Over Jenning's PondTaughannock Autumn View
Taughannock Creek Color Reflections
Taughannock Creek Gold Reflections
Taughannock Creek
Taughannock Creek Orange Reflections
Taughannock Creek Photography
Taughannock Creek Reflections
Taughannock Creek Color ReflectionsTaughannock Creek Gold ReflectionsTaughannock CreekTaughannock Creek Orange ReflectionsTaughannock Creek PhotographyTaughannock Creek Reflections
Taughannock Creek Rocky Reflections
Taughannock Creek Shallow View
Taughannock Creek Stone Pyre
Taughannock Crest
Taughannock Creek Sunset Reflections
Taughannock Creek View
Taughannock Creek Rocky ReflectionsTaughannock Creek Shallow ViewTaughannock Creek Stone PyreTaughannock CrestTaughannock Creek Sunset ReflectionsTaughannock Creek View
Taughannock Creek Water Flow
Taughannock Creek Water
Taughannock Creek Yellow Reflections
Taughannock Creek Yellow Rumples H
Taughannock Creek Stones
Taughannock Fall Creek
Taughannock Creek Water FlowTaughannock Creek WaterTaughannock Creek Yellow ReflectionsTaughannock Creek Yellow Rumples HTaughannock Creek StonesTaughannock Fall Creek
Taughannock Falls Through the Trees
Taughannock First Falls
Taughannock in Winter
Taughannock King Path
Taughannock Leaf and Stone
Taughannock Leaf Reflection
Taughannock Falls Through the TreesTaughannock First FallsTaughannock in WinterTaughannock King PathTaughannock Leaf and StoneTaughannock Leaf Reflection
Taughannock Overlook in Summer
Taughannock Overlook in Winter
Taughannock Snowy Steps
Taughannock Stone Piles
Taughannock Stone Pyre Man
Taughannock Sumac Fall
Taughannock Overlook in SummerTaughannock Overlook in WinterTaughannock Snowy StepsTaughannock Stone PilesTaughannock Stone Pyre ManTaughannock Sumac Fall
Taughannock View in Winter
Textured Slate
The Curious Cows
Tree Flower
Under the Maples
Taughannock View in WinterTeaslesTextured SlateThe Curious CowsTree FlowerUnder the Maples
Unroasted Coffee Beans
Upper Buttermilk Angle
Upper Buttermilk
Upper Buttermilk Stone and Falls
Vines in a row
Vineyard field
Unroasted Coffee BeansUpper Buttermilk AngleUpper ButtermilkUpper Buttermilk Stone and FallsVines in a rowVineyard field
Vineyard Porch
Watkins Glen Cascade
Watkins Glen Cavern Cascade
Watkins Glen Fall Cascade
Watkins Glen Flow
VineyardVineyard PorchWatkins Glen CascadeWatkins Glen Cavern CascadeWatkins Glen Fall CascadeWatkins Glen Flow
Watkins Glen Little Waterfall
Watkins Glen Rainbows
Watkins Glen Weaving Stones
Wet Fall Leaves
Wheat Field
Watkins Glen Little WaterfallWatkins Glen RainbowsWatkins Glen Weaving StonesWeedsWet Fall LeavesWheat Field
White blossoms
White Grape Abstract
White Grapes
Wild Raspberry
White blossomsWhite Grape AbstractWhite GrapesWild RaspberryWillowWindows
Yellow Daylily Droplets
Yellow Treetops
4th of July at the Lake
Aerial Taughannock Falls
Apples and Peaches
Assorted Vegetables
Yellow Daylily DropletsYellow Treetops4th of July at the LakeAerial Taughannock FallsApples and PeachesAssorted Vegetables
Autumn Frame
Autumn Reflections
Autumn Snow on Taughannock Falls
Beets and Chard
Bell Pepper Colors
Birches and Sugar Maple
Autumn FrameAutumn ReflectionsAutumn Snow on Taughannock FallsBeets and ChardBell Pepper ColorsBirches and Sugar Maple
Blazing Maple on the Gorge Wall
Blue Grapes
Blue Mountain Lake
Bonfire Embers and Flames
Bonfire Flames
Blazing Maple on the Gorge WallBlue GrapesBlue Mountain LakeBlueberriesBonfire Embers and FlamesBonfire Flames
Burdick Hill
Buttermilk Falls
Cayuga Beach Pebbles
Cayuga Lake in Black and White
Cherry Blossom Clock Tower
Burdick HillButtermilk FallsCayuga Beach PebblesCayuga Lake in Black and WhiteChardCherry Blossom Clock Tower
Chicken Scratch
Cliff Leaf
Clock Tower by Night
Colorful Tomatoes
Colors of Bell Peppers
ChickenChicken ScratchCliff LeafClock Tower by NightColorful TomatoesColors of Bell Peppers
Cornell at Dawn
Creek at Ithaca Yacht Club
Creek Bed in Fall
Creek Lines in Fall
Crystal Snow
Dilapidated Gravestones
Cornell at DawnCreek at Ithaca Yacht ClubCreek Bed in FallCreek Lines in FallCrystal SnowDilapidated Gravestones
Dogs on a Roof
Erosion Collapse
Fall at Maple Wood Falls
Fall Leaves
Fall Rock
Fallen Leaves
Dogs on a RoofErosion CollapseFall at Maple Wood FallsFall LeavesFall RockFallen Leaves
Falls at Ithaca Yacht Club
First Fall's in Black and White
First Frost
First Snow at Taughannock Falls
Framed Clock Tower by Day
Framed Clock Tower Sunset
Falls at Ithaca Yacht ClubFirst Fall's in Black and WhiteFirst FrostFirst Snow at Taughannock FallsFramed Clock Tower by DayFramed Clock Tower Sunset
Fresh Homemade Apple Cider
Friends at the Park
Garlic and Red Onions
Golden Falls
Gorge Erosion
Fresh Homemade Apple CiderFriends at the ParkGarlic and Red OnionsGarlicGolden FallsGorge Erosion
Ithaca Rocks
pattern treeshadowsonfreshsnow 194
Horse Weathervane SV10642
Big Sunflower
Icelandic Horse in Snow
Icelandic Horse Close Up
Ithaca Rockspattern treeshadowsonfreshsnow 194Horse Weathervane SV10642Big SunflowerIcelandic Horse in SnowIcelandic Horse Close Up
Icelandic Horse Close Up 2
Icelandic Horse Close Up 3
Buttermilk Falls Blue Violets
Buttermilk Falls Close Up
Buttermilk Falls Close Up 2
Icelandic Horse Close Up 2Icelandic Horse Close Up 3BridlesButtermilk Falls Blue VioletsButtermilk Falls Close UpButtermilk Falls Close Up 2
Buttermilk Black and White
Stone Pyres
Buttermilk Falls Wildflowers
Buttermilk in Spring
Cat Hiding in Woods
Heart-shaped Prickly Pear
Buttermilk Black and WhiteStone PyresButtermilk Falls WildflowersButtermilk in SpringCat Hiding in WoodsHeart-shaped Prickly Pear
Cat and Goat
Aerial of Beebe Lake
Aerial View Arts Quad
Cornell Plantations Swamp Cabbage
Cornell Plantations Swamp Cabbage 2
Cornell Plantations Swamp Cabbage 3
Cat and GoatAerial of Beebe LakeAerial View Arts QuadCornell Plantations Swamp CabbageCornell Plantations Swamp Cabbage 2Cornell Plantations Swamp Cabbage 3
Cornell Removed Hydroelectric Lab
Removed Hydroelectric Lab
Cornell Removed Hydroelectric LabRemoved Hydroelectric Lab