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Jan Aguirre

Yellow Lily
Yellow Bloom
Winged Seahorse
Winter Robin
Winter Horse
Winter Falls
Yellow LilyYellow BloomWinged SeahorseWinter RobinWinter HorseWinter Falls
Wigs on Display
White Splash on Red Petals
White Rose
We Remember
Whispy Clouds at Sunset
WildflowersWigs on DisplayWhite Splash on Red PetalsWhite RoseWe RememberWhispy Clouds at Sunset
Waves on the Beach
Waterfall in the Sun
Water Lily Bloom
Wall of Remembrance
Vertical Beach
Wall of Memories
Waves on the BeachWaterfall in the SunWater Lily BloomWall of RemembranceVertical BeachWall of Memories
Two Blooms
Twisted branch
Trees in the Water
Always Remember
Autumn Bench
Tiers of Water
Two BloomsTwisted branchTrees in the WaterAlways Remember Autumn BenchTiers of Water
Beak Portrait
Bird of Prey at Sunset
Black and White Lily
Blossom Abstract
Boats at Rest
Boats in the Marina
Beak PortraitBird of Prey at SunsetBlack and White LilyBlossom AbstractBoats at RestBoats in the Marina
Butterfly Rest
Cannons at the Ready
Cannons in the Grass
Crabs on the Dock
Daffodil Stem
Surreal Beach
Butterfly RestCannons at the ReadyCannons in the GrassCrabs on the DockDaffodil StemSurreal Beach
Tall Trees, Straight Trunk
Dock Worker
Dragon Fly
Fall and Stone
Fall Base
Fall Taughannock Falls
Tall Trees, Straight Trunk Dock WorkerDragon FlyFall and StoneFall BaseFall Taughannock Falls
Flower Abstract
Flowers and Falls
Forest tops
Fresh Cut
Sunset through the Grasses
Hazy Mountains and Clouds
Flower AbstractFlowers and FallsForest topsFresh CutSunset through the GrassesHazy Mountains and Clouds
Horns at Rest
Jellyfish Dives
Lighthouse and Birds
Lily Abstract
Lily lights
Horns at RestJellyfish DivesJellyfishLighthouse and BirdsLily AbstractLily lights
Misty Waterfall
Muddy Falls
Orange Roses
Orange Wildflowers
Pair of Pink Roses
MemoriaMisty WaterfallMuddy FallsOrange RosesOrange WildflowersPair of Pink Roses
Pair on the Beach
Pepsi Birds
Petal Abstract
Pink Bloom
Pink Blossom
Pink Roses
Pair on the BeachPepsi BirdsPetal AbstractPink BloomPink BlossomPink Roses
Puppy Pals
Purple Blossoms
Railway and Waterfall
Red Bloom
Robin on the icy branch
Rocks by the Beach
Puppy PalsPurple BlossomsRailway and WaterfallRed BloomRobin on the icy branchRocks by the Beach
Rushing Water
Scenic Spiderweb
Sea Lion Sass
Sea Lions on a Beach
Sea Lions on the Dock
Rushing WaterSalamiScenic SpiderwebSea Lion SassSea Lions on a BeachSea Lions on the Dock
Shaggy Horse
Summer Falls
Sunset Horizon
Sunset Pier
Summer Waterfall
Sunny Waves
Shaggy HorseSummer FallsSunset HorizonSunset PierSummer WaterfallSunny Waves
Sunset Beach
Pink Waterlily
Ithaca Falls in Spring
Dew Drenched Waterlilies
Resting Butterfly
Catching a taxi in the city
Sunset BeachPink WaterlilyIthaca Falls in SpringDew Drenched WaterliliesResting ButterflyCatching a taxi in the city
Homeless in New York
Monarch on Coneflower
Bee in Orange
Bee on Blue
Pink Clematis
Fall Aster
Homeless in New YorkMonarch on ConeflowerBee in OrangeBee on BluePink ClematisFall Aster
Fall road
Fraconia Notch
Fall roadFraconia NotchSunflowerSunflowersReflectionsClydesdales
Niagara Falls Fury
Sea gull over Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls Up close
Blue Butterfly
Niagara Falls FurySea gull over Niagara FallsNiagara Falls Up closeBlue ButterflyDaisiesFallingwater
New River Gorge
Old barn
Black eyed Susans
Purple Coneflowers
New River GorgeOld barnBlack eyed SusansPurple Coneflowers