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Jack LoPinto

I was a Junior in high school when my brother Joe first introduced me to photography . My father was an attorney for many years in our fair city of Ithaca, and even though neither my brother nor myself picked up the mantle, we would both be involved in forensic photography support for our father. My brother put together the dark room, in what amounted to be a large closet on the second floor of my dadís office building, complete with plumbing and running water. We were setup to do color photography but for court and documentation purposes black and white photography was the medium in which we worked. It was here that I cut my teeth and watched my brother like a wizard for the first time performing his magic. Exposing the negative in the enlarger to the paper and then sliding it ever so gently into the developer tray, all while starting the timer. Here was where the magic first happened for me, as the image started to mystically appear on the paper right before my eyes. I was hooked! The timer slowly counted the seconds Ö.30 seconds, 45seconds clicked byÖ. a minute! How do you know when itís done I asked? He replied ďitís not an exact science but you develop a feel for it and you know.Ē I was like a sponge absorbing everything my brother could throw at me, to the point Iím sure I became a bit annoying. Itís truly a gift when you discover something in your life that excites you to the point you want to devour every bit of information on the subject. Just when you feel you have a pretty good handle on it, the technology changes ever so slightly and you realize thereís a bit more to add to ones tool belt. I welcome the changes technology has brought to the industry and Iím continually looking around the next bend.

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