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Stacie Sherman

I grew up in Small Town, NY (Newark Valley) and moved when I was 31 to what I thought was Large Town, NY (Dryden). Whew, what a move, but one I never regret. The closeness, wholesomeness and scenic surround is amazing! Since I was a child I loved the beauty that nature provided. Loved to look through that little view finder and see the wonders of the world. It is all a little easier now and a lot less costly to see the final image, but still amazes me every time! Oh sure, I am an amateur... plain and simple, but I know what I like and I go after the picture. Life can be beautiful and I love to capture the details with my camera. It all tells a story; gives a glimpse into everyday life. It may not be everyone's life, but it's someone's... something's.

Bashful Squirrel
Kitty In Barn Window 2
Reflective Goose
Pea and Tritical field  Winter Pea Flower
John Deere Field Cultivating With Finisher
Gorgeous red tinged sunset
Bashful SquirrelKitty In Barn Window 2Reflective Goose Pea and Tritical field Winter Pea FlowerJohn Deere Field Cultivating With FinisherGorgeous red tinged sunset
See ya later Alligator!
Blue and Yellow Macaw
See ya later Alligator!Blue and Yellow Macaw