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Daniel Elswit

My inspiration comes from the quiet places, from the serenity found in the wilds where nature abounds and where the trees and the rocks and the hills have their own stories to tell. I'm also drawn to those ephemeral boundaries that exist between civilization and the wilderness, between past and present, where echoes of a bygone time still linger, overgrown and crumbling. Interested in visual arts from an early age, I experimented with painting, drawing, and photography through college in the mid-1980s. Since that time, although I have pursued a career in IT support, I also work independently as a professional photographer. I most commonly photograph the natural world but I've also engaged in photography in support of international outreach and environmental preservation, created portfolios for artists, done commercial photography, and mentored beginning photographic enthusiasts. I'm currently engaged in a multi-year project to create a book about the Appalachian Mountain range stretching from Alabama to Newfoundland.

For more information: http://www.mistlightandstone.com

Autumn in Fillmore Glen
Adirondack Evening
Cayuga Sunset
Dusky Geese
Small Falls in Buttermilk Falls State Park
Christmas Morning
Autumn in Fillmore GlenAdirondack EveningCayuga SunsetDusky GeeseSmall Falls in Buttermilk Falls State ParkChristmas Morning
The Road Less Traveled
Double Falls
Height of Autumn
On the Trail at Upper Buttermilk Falls
The Road Less TraveledTrilliumDouble FallsIlluminationHeight of AutumnOn the Trail at Upper Buttermilk Falls
Night Skies
Misty Day in the Adirondacks
Winter Forest
Winter in Stewart Park
AngularNight SkiesMisty Day in the AdirondacksUpwardsWinter ForestWinter in Stewart Park
Autumn Stroll
Autumn Storm
Summer Pond
Gorge Trail
Adirondack Autumn
Autumn StrollAutumn StormSouthSummer PondGorge TrailAdirondack Autumn
Ellis Hollow Evening
Sunset in Newfield
Winter in Watkins Glen
Adirondack Autumn Splendor
Close of the Day at Raquette Lake
The End of the Season
Ellis Hollow EveningSunset in NewfieldWinter in Watkins GlenAdirondack Autumn SplendorClose of the Day at Raquette LakeThe End of the Season
Into the Light
Hidden Falls
Height of Autumn
All that's Left
Into the LightHidden FallsHeight of AutumnAll that's Left