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Gale Halpern

I started photographing everything in sight at the age of 16, when my father gave me a SLR for my birthday. I signed up for classes, and soon was a prolific photographer. Using film, I took slides while travelling and by the time I was 30 years old, while working in the computer industry, developed B&W film in my home darkroom. I took many classes and workshops at the New England School of Photography while in Boston and at the Friends of Photography in California. After moving to Ithaca, I worked for the Cornell Library for several years and was involved in building Digital Image Libraries. At home I took photos of my growing children and family. Recently I donated all of my old film photo equipment to the Fine Arts Department at Ithaca High School. Now I am starting afresh with a new DSLR to photograph whatever and whomever I can find, hoping to build a my own website, and get recognition for some of my work.

Durand's Forge in Autumn
Taughanock Walk
Middle of the River
Durand's Forge in AutumnFrostTaughanock WalkMiddle of the RiverPlayground