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Alan Grover

Alan Grover is an avid sportsman; a hunter, a fisherman, a hiker, and an enthusiast of nature. He has always had a strong connection to the outdoors. Nature provides the means for his creativity, his fascination with beauty, and sometimes therapy. His creative outlets include (but are not limited to); writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and songs, wood carving, music, and cooking. As a photographer he respects the environment he is surrounded by and tries to capture what he sees through his eyes. For a man whose career is a jack of all trades, so is his photography, he enjoys scenic, portrait, fine art, and sets no boundaries for what he shoots. Creativity is something he will always utilize. His goal; to change the world for the better, to bring beauty into busy lives, and to raise awareness of the fragility of nature.

For more information: http://algroverphotography.com

Cascadilla Gorge 1
Treman Park 1
Sunflower 1
5 Geese
Cascadilla Gorge 1Treman Park 1Sunflower 15 GeeseA BALANCEA LIGHT IN THE CLOUDS
Butterfly Bush1
Cascadilla Falls
Sumac 1
Sunflower 2
BARKARTBNW DOCKButterfly Bush1Cascadilla FallsSumac 1Sunflower 2
Sunrise From The Lighthouse Wall
Thistles 1
Hogshole, Ithaca, NY
Crisp Waves, Soft Clouds
Red Mushrooms
Sunrise From The Lighthouse WallCOLOR DRAWThistles 1Hogshole, Ithaca, NYCrisp Waves, Soft CloudsRed Mushrooms
Apple Trees 1
Red Rose Lane
Hot Pink
All In How You Dress 1
Apple Trees 1AntennaRed Rose LaneHot PinkRoofstersAll In How You Dress 1
False Teeth 1
Stewart Park Driftwood 1
Seneca Cloud
Dorothy 1
Windows 1
Someplace Special
False Teeth 1Stewart Park Driftwood 1Seneca CloudDorothy 1Windows 1Someplace Special
Yellow Tulip 1
Bridge Light 1
Climbing 1
Yellow with Spider Web 1
Upper Treman Colors
3 Red Tulips
Yellow Tulip 1Bridge Light 1Climbing 1Yellow with Spider Web 1Upper Treman Colors3 Red Tulips
Long Walk Off A Wet Pier
Black and White Sunflower 1
Embrace The Sun
Long Walk Off A Wet PierBlack and White Sunflower 1Embrace The Sun