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Matt Champlin

Born and raised in Central New York, I also like to travel far beyond the confines of this area and see the world. I am currently a Computer Science teacher - photography is my side hobby that I enjoy greatly. (note - the set I sent is the upstate NY set on Flickr. I have ALL of my photos simply through Flickr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattchamplin

For more information: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattchamplin/sets/72057594091991841/

Lake Treman in Autumn
Dock on Eighth Lake
Waterfall in Excelsior Glen
Spring Waterfall in Lick Brook
Sunset on the Erie Canal in Camillus
Skaneateles Gazebo in Snow
Lake Treman in AutumnDock on Eighth LakeWaterfall in Excelsior GlenSpring Waterfall in Lick BrookSunset on the Erie Canal in CamillusSkaneateles Gazebo in Snow
Hoopes Park in Winter
Red Berries Covered in Fresh Snow
Woman in Red Hikes Fillmore Glen in Winter
Upper Carpenter's Falls
Memorial Day Flags in Hoopes Park, Auburn
Close-up of Autumn Leaf
Hoopes Park in WinterRed Berries Covered in Fresh SnowWoman in Red Hikes Fillmore Glen in WinterUpper Carpenter's FallsMemorial Day Flags in Hoopes Park, AuburnClose-up of Autumn Leaf
Skaneateles Aerial in Autumn
Rapids in Nine Mile Creek
Fly Rod Resting on Stream Bank
Woman on Labrador Hollow
Adirondack Pond in Autumn
View from Blue Mountain in Autumn
Skaneateles Aerial in AutumnRapids in Nine Mile CreekFly Rod Resting on Stream BankWoman on Labrador HollowAdirondack Pond in AutumnView from Blue Mountain in Autumn
Summer Clouds over Skaneateles Lake
Taughannock Falls in Autumn
Country Road in Fall
Snow Covered Barn at Sunset
Hoar Frost on Evergreen Trees
Skaneateles Lakeshore in Winter
Summer Clouds over Skaneateles LakeTaughannock Falls in AutumnCountry Road in FallSnow Covered Barn at SunsetHoar Frost on Evergreen TreesSkaneateles Lakeshore in Winter
Autumn Leaves and Blue Sky
Ferris Wheel at Night
Rainbow Trout
Fall Frost on Mowed Field
Hoopes Park Gazebo
Ithaca Falls in Autumn
Autumn Leaves and Blue SkyFerris Wheel at NightRainbow TroutFall Frost on Mowed FieldHoopes Park Gazebo Ithaca Falls in Autumn
Snowy Sunrise in Skaneateles
Niagara Mohawk Building at Night
Farm Field in Early Spring
Cold Winter Evening on the Farm
Overlook at Highland Forest
Cattails on Nice Fall Day
Snowy Sunrise in SkaneatelesNiagara Mohawk Building at NightFarm Field in Early SpringCold Winter Evening on the FarmOverlook at Highland ForestCattails on Nice Fall Day