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Stephanie Giordano-Foster

I was born here in Ithaca, New York and raised in San Diego, California. I attended Miramar College, In California studying criminal law. I moved to Ithaca, where the majority of my family resides after traveling North America in 1996. I am married with two beautiful children and I couldn’t imagine any better place then Upstate, New York to raise my family. The beauty that Ithaca has to offer is an offered bonus. I have recently started to photograph after a long break from my passion. I am excited to see what each new season brings me.

For more information: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=106386&id=648885625&l=02f442b27f

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Ant on a Bud H
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Autumn Leaf Picture
Autumn Orange Barn
American FlagAnt on a Bud HArms UpAutumn Leaf PictureAutumn Orange Barn