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Judy Rozbicki

Judy Rozbicki has been an artist and designer since childhood. Having played with pixels and crayons for most of her life, she founded Lantern Creative, focusing on photography and design. Judy gives a fresh perspective to her clients and strives continually to grow creatively through her works. You can find some of her recent work in 100 Habits of Successful Freelance Designers, authored by Steve Gordon, Jr.

For more information: http://jrozbicki.imagekind.com/store

Buttermilk Waterfall 2280
Buttermilk Waterfall 2316
Buttermilk Waterfall  2332
Buttermilk Waterfall 2339
Buttermilk Waterfall 2394
Buttermilk Waterfall 2427
Buttermilk Waterfall 2280Buttermilk Waterfall 2316Buttermilk Waterfall 2332Buttermilk Waterfall 2339Buttermilk Waterfall 2394Buttermilk Waterfall 2427
Secret Falls 2465
Buttermilk Waterfall 2473
Brown Leaf 4600
Trees in Snow 4549
Snowy Pines 4555
Snowy Trees 4496
Secret Falls 2465Buttermilk Waterfall 2473Brown Leaf 4600Trees in Snow 4549Snowy Pines 4555Snowy Trees 4496
Snowy Trees 4499
Winter Forest 4100
Winter Pines 4440
Red-Orange Tulips 8781
Pink Tulips 8729
Buffalo Gardens 1441
Snowy Trees 4499Winter Forest 4100Winter Pines 4440Red-Orange Tulips 8781Pink Tulips 8729Buffalo Gardens 1441
Buffalo Gardens 1445
Buffalo Gardens 1464
Green Grass 1458
Stony Brook Waterfall 8880
Stony Brook Waterfall 8889
Stony Brook Waterfall 8961
Buffalo Gardens 1445Buffalo Gardens 1464Green Grass 1458Stony Brook Waterfall 8880Stony Brook Waterfall 8889Stony Brook Waterfall 8961
Stony Brook Middle Falls 8980
Stony Brook Middle Falls 8983
Stony Brook 8997
Dry Creek 9644
Dry Creek 9654
The Cowsheds 9689
Stony Brook Middle Falls 8980Stony Brook Middle Falls 8983Stony Brook 8997Dry Creek 9644Dry Creek 9654The Cowsheds 9689
Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9540
Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9548
Finger Lakes Trail 9411
Finger Lakes Trail 9412
Twin Falls 9388
Twin Falls 9398
Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9540Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9548Finger Lakes Trail 9411Finger Lakes Trail 9412Twin Falls 9388Twin Falls 9398
Twin Falls 9406
Stony Brook Bridge 2673
Autumn Trees 3194
Autumn Trees 3200
Autumn Trees 3201
Autumn Trees 2671
Twin Falls 9406Stony Brook Bridge 2673Autumn Trees 3194Autumn Trees 3200Autumn Trees 3201Autumn Trees 2671
Stony Brook Waterfall 8964
Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9549
Havana Glen 9295
Havana Glen 9309
Havana Glen 9326
Havana Glen 9337
Stony Brook Waterfall 8964Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9549Havana Glen 9295Havana Glen 9309Havana Glen 9326Havana Glen 9337
Havana Glen 9349
Havana Glen 9369
Havana Glen 9371
Ithaca Falls 9708
Ithaca Falls 9727
Treman Trail 9832
Havana Glen 9349Havana Glen 9369Havana Glen 9371Ithaca Falls 9708Ithaca Falls 9727Treman Trail 9832
Treman Trail 9834
Lucifer Falls 9872
Stony Brook 9000
Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9497
Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9511
Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9520
Treman Trail 9834Lucifer Falls 9872Stony Brook 9000Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9497Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9511Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9520
Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9534
Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9538
Stony Brook Lower Falls 8987
Stony Brook Lower Falls 8989
Stony Brook Waterfall 8957
Buttermilk Creek Waterfall 9114
Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9534Fillmore Glen Upper Falls 9538Stony Brook Lower Falls 8987Stony Brook Lower Falls 8989Stony Brook Waterfall 8957Buttermilk Creek Waterfall 9114
Buttermilk Creek Waterfall 9122
The Cowsheds 9686
Enfield Creek 9805
Dry Creek 9957
Dry Creek 9960
Dry Creek 9962
Buttermilk Creek Waterfall 9122The Cowsheds 9686Enfield Creek 9805Dry Creek 9957Dry Creek 9960Dry Creek 9962
Woodsy Trail 9967
Dry Creek 9977
Dry Creek 9981
Dry Creek Cascades 9994
Fillmore Glen 0009
Fillmore Glen 0016
Woodsy Trail 9967Dry Creek 9977Dry Creek 9981Dry Creek Cascades 9994Fillmore Glen 0009Fillmore Glen 0016
Fillmore Glen 0018
Fillmore Glen 0023
Fillmore Glen 0027
Fillmore Glen 0033
Fillmore Glen 0039
Fillmore Glen 0056
Fillmore Glen 0018Fillmore Glen 0023Fillmore Glen 0027Fillmore Glen 0033Fillmore Glen 0039Fillmore Glen 0056
Fillmore Glen 0088
Fillmore Glen 0043
Fillmore Glen 0082
Fillmore Glen 0067
Fillmore Glen 0065
Fillmore Glen 0060
Fillmore Glen 0088Fillmore Glen 0043Fillmore Glen 0082Fillmore Glen 0067Fillmore Glen 0065Fillmore Glen 0060
Fillmore Glen 0078
Fillmore Glen Gorge 0099
Fillmore Glen Gorge 0110
Fillmore Glen Gorge 0116
Fillmore Glen 0121
Fillmore Glen 0125
Fillmore Glen 0078Fillmore Glen Gorge 0099Fillmore Glen Gorge 0110Fillmore Glen Gorge 0116Fillmore Glen 0121Fillmore Glen 0125
Enfield Creek Waterfall 0133
Enfield Creek Waterfall 0141
Enfield Creek Waterfall 0151
Tinker's Creek 0376
Letchworth Gorge Panoramic 0001
Allegany Quaker Lake 0001
Enfield Creek Waterfall 0133Enfield Creek Waterfall 0141Enfield Creek Waterfall 0151Tinker's Creek 0376Letchworth Gorge Panoramic 0001Allegany Quaker Lake 0001
Stony Brook 1172
Chittenango Falls 0412
Chittenango Falls 0415
Chittenango Falls 0391
Chittenango Falls 0418
Kayaker 0949
Stony Brook 1172Chittenango Falls 0412Chittenango Falls 0415Chittenango Falls 0391Chittenango Falls 0418Kayaker 0949
Kayaking 0954
Autumn Leaves 1197
Stony Brook Waterfall 0474
Autumn Picnic Table 1200
Stony Brook Waterfall 1335
Kayaker 0955
Kayaking 0954Autumn Leaves 1197Stony Brook Waterfall 0474Autumn Picnic Table 1200Stony Brook Waterfall 1335Kayaker 0955
Stony Brook Bridge Falls 1379
Stony Brook Bridge Falls 1388
Bright Autumn Tree 2626
Trout Pond 2835
Hidden Pond 2824
Pair of Leaves 2273
Stony Brook Bridge Falls 1379Stony Brook Bridge Falls 1388Bright Autumn Tree 2626Trout Pond 2835Hidden Pond 2824Pair of Leaves 2273
Cascadilla Waterfall 2197
Stony Brook Waterfall 0567
Great Gully 2098
Stony Brook Waterfall 0477
Stony Brook Waterfall 0473
Christmas Tree 3365
Cascadilla Waterfall 2197Stony Brook Waterfall 0567Great Gully 2098 Stony Brook Waterfall 0477Stony Brook Waterfall 0473Christmas Tree 3365
Mixed Poinsettias 3345
Christmas Display 3375
Christmas Snowman 3387
Mixed Poinsettias 3345Christmas Display 3375Christmas Snowman 3387