Why IthacaStock?
Well, to begin with, we live in the most beautiful region in the United States. Ithaca and Central New York with its HUNDREDS of named waterfalls, Wineries, distilleries and breweries as well as the fabulous Finger Lakes make it a favored vacation destination for all. IDENTIFY you, your organization, your business with that beauty and by association, transfer some of that beauty to you!

Choose one of our magnificent images to grace your walls, your web site, your publications and more to bring the "Finger Lakes Flavor" to your project.
IthacaStock.com can supply you with the perfect picture to enhance your image.
Are you looking for the customer service that you have wanted but never received from a stock company?  If you don't see what you need, request a photo using our convenient form. We will contact our contributors – more than 70 carefully reviewed photographic artists—and find your image. 
So look around! Let our image help you complete your image!

What is "Stock Photography?

If you are here for the first time, you may wonder what all of the pretty pictures are all about, and what are they for. Directly put, these images are available to choose from to help you make yourself look absolutely wonderful to your clients.
Whether you want to purchase or lease images for the walls of your office, add appropriate graphics to your e-newsletter to make a point, or use one of our images to help cement your image as a central part of our community, IthacaStock.com is  your best source of images.
With a field of over 70 photographers in the Central New Yorkarea, and many more in lands as far as Hawaiiand the UK, our stock is sure to have the image that helps tell your story, or set any mood you want!
And if you don't see exactly the image you want or need, use our handy "Request a Photo" link, and we will find it for you, or have our photographers look through THEIR stock to find it, or we'll go out and take it, all at no additional charge.
We also are full service commercial photographers, creating beautiful group photos from your meetings or workshops, designing beautiful photos for advertising pieces, in-process and complete architecture photos and much, much more.